We scour the web to find empowering clothing, books & gear for girls AND have our own line of fierce t-shirts. Every single product highlights Courage, Adventure, Strength, Smarts, STEM, or the outdoors. Our store is full of things girls love getting AND you'll feel great about giving. #Winning

  • GoldieBlox and The Spinning MachineGoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine

    GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine


      Let's build things! We are huge fans of GoldieBlox and their building sets. The Spinning Machine is such a cool learning toy - with many projects built into it. What we love: GoldieBlox pairs stories with action figures and projects. It's STEM in hands-on...

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  • Strong Is the New Pretty...Strong Is the New Pretty...

    Strong Is the New Pretty...

    $17.95 $13.61

    Simply put, you should buy this book. In every metric we can think of, it blows us away. Girl-positive, inspirational, strong, bold, kind, gritty, fabulous, and heartfelt...this should be in every girls room. It shows all kinds of girls being themselves and owning their strength,...

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  • CUE Coding Robot (10+)CUE Coding Robot (10+)

    CUE Coding Robot (10+)


    Lawdy, we LOVE this little robot! We're huge fans of Wonder Workshop's bots for younger girls and boys (DASH & DOT). CUE keeps the things that made them a screaming success: the cute behaviors and sounds (seriously adorable stuff), the nimble & sturdy body, the block-based...

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  • Little Astronaut Pocket Tunic 2 (18M-6Y)

    $31.08 $17.76

    If your little girl is an avid explorer and has dreams of joining NASA, floating through space, running a space station, and exploring new worlds...then this dress is a must! We're always on the lookout for space inspired clothing for girls and this is one of our...

  • Dash the Wonder Robot (+6y)Dash the Wonder Robot (+6y)

    Dash the Wonder Robot (+6y)


    This is one of our all-time favorite "smart" toys. Not only is this robot real, it's so adorable YOU will want to play with it too, AND it teaches kids about coding in clever games though their app. Dash has real personality. He moves, dances,...

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  • Confident, Brave & Beautiful: Coloring Book for GirlsConfident, Brave & Beautiful: Coloring Book for Girls

    Confident, Brave & Beautiful: Coloring Book for Girls

    $9.50 $8.01

    This coloring book is all about building a girl's confidence, imagination, and spirit! The 22+ coloring pages encourage girls to think beyond social conventions and inspire conversations with adults about what it really means to be confident, brave, and beautiful. This coloring book is designed to...

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  • Owlet Kid Parachute HammockOwlet Kid Parachute Hammock

    Owlet Kid Parachute Hammock

    $32.99 $19.99

    Let's go outside and explore! And then, she can rock in gentle wonder as she gazes at the trees or up into the starry, night sky. The Owlet hammocks is designed specifically for kids. It's also high-quality parachute nylon which means it's extra soft on skin...

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  • My Little Moon Lunar LampMy Little Moon Lunar Lamp

    My Little Moon Lunar Lamp


    Moon gazing takes on a whole new meaning with this beautiful, lunar light. It can be a night light or accent light in your little girl's room. It even has 2 color settings and comes with rechargeable battery.    Features: Made with eco-friendly materials (PLA)...

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