20 Must-Follow Instagram accounts for STEM + DIY crafting for Girls

20 Must-Follow Instagram accounts for STEM + DIY crafting for Girls

We like lists. We’re betting you do, too. That’s why we’ve gathered 20 kick-ass accounts you’ll love as much as your favorite little girl.

The goal: Put together an eclectic mix of world-class Instragram accounts that feature STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and DIY crafting that will blow your kid’s mind. From scientists, to girl-power coders, to museums and toy makers — this list has a little bit of everything.


@AstronautAbbyOfficial   |  STEM

astronaut abby top STEM instagram feed for girls account

In our opinion aspiring astronaut Abigail Harrison is totally awesome and inspiring. Her posts center around stem, comics, outer space, and NASA life. It’s an uber positive feed that comes with a touch of quirky. Abby is also the founder of @themarsgeneration. She’s on a mission and we’re totally on-board.


@AirAndSpaceMuseum   |  STEM

the Air & space top STEM instagram feed for girls account

This is the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum feed. It’s a great blend of technology, history and aspiration…things that took us into the air and the stars. They consciously feature the work of women in aviation and discovery —> Something we are always on the lookout for.


@FigmentCreative  |  CRAFTY & DIY

figment creative top instagram account for DIY crafting

All kinds of fun DIY projects from homeschooler and founder of Figment Creative Labs. Their creative classes help kids develop fine motor skills, expand creativity, and promote self esteem. Plus, their logo has a dinocorn in it. Need we say more?


@GirlsWhoCode  |  STEM

girls who code top instagram feed for empowering girls in stem

There is nothing like the power of sisterhood…or as Girls Who Code writes it: SISTERH>>D. This amazing nonprofit is dedicated to closing the gender gap in tech and their feed is full to the brim with aspirational quotes + girls & women doing amazing work in programming.


@HandyWithScissors  |  CRAFTY

Handy with Scissors top instagram account for stem girls

Oh my. We adore this stylish, crafty feed by Susie Rugg. It’s has great, paper project ideas for young makers and also manages to be ridiculously cool. No surprise, Susie is also the Kids & Families coordinator with Australia’s Museum of Contemporary Art.


@HelloWonderful_co  |  CRAFTY DIY

Hello wonderful top instagram account for DIY and stem girls

It’s easy to get lost in Agnes Hsu’s feed. There’s collaborative art, rainbows, terrariums, and a lot of joy. It’s a kind of colorful that doesn’t overwhelm…but makes you want to jump in and try a project or two soon. She also writes the blog Hello Beautiful and the book My Color is Rainbow.


@hmns  |  STEM 

hmns a top instagram feed for girls in STEM

All the creatures are here - prehistoric dinosaurs, gorgeous insects, vivid butterflies… just to name a few things we adore in this unique feed. Girls of all ages will get caught up in wonder at all the magical, real critters on our little planet.


@LeftBrainCraftBrain  |  CRAFT & STEM

left brain craft brain top instagram account for stem girls

Let’s put craft and STEM together in a fabulous spread of projects and experiences. Anne is a blogger and host of @steamkidschallenge. She also has a great STEAM KIDS project book with tons of activities — we’re a big fan!


@Lego  |  STEM

Lego a top instagram account for crafty stem girls

LEGO has been a toy icon for decades AND they have some of the best marketing around girls & building we’ve ever seen. It’s amazing what girls can build with LEGO and a dash of curiosity. This feed is a colorful blend of projects, art and architecture to inspire young (and old) builders. They also have fascinating short animations. :)


@Littlebits  |  STEMlittle bits top instagram feed for girl engineers and STEM

For the budding engineer and inventor this feed is a must. Their kits simplify electronics into parts that clip together easily, helping girls (and boys) create truly amazing things that do things --> like robots, electronic musical instruments, Iron Man blaster glove, and more. This feed is a celebration of kid inventors, showcase ideas and creation. The expression on some of these kids is priceless.


@MadeWithCode  |  STEM

made with code top instagram account for girls in STEM

We never knew Google could be so colorful and girl-amazing. Their MadeWithCode feed is one way they’re working to inspire girls to code and develop their own programs. We have to admit: we. are. inspired. From invites to code LED dresses to female role models, there’s a lot to discover.


@Momducator  |  STEM & CRAFTY

momducator top instagram account for girls in stem

There’s a whole lot of adorable education in this feed. It’s inspiring to see how Jessica, a mom & homeschooler, organizes educational play & projects into a visual spread. She turns concepts into tangible things that toddlers can experience and you see in a glance how you too could craft a lesson with a little guided creativity.


@nasa & @nasakennedy  |  STEM

nasa kennedy and nasa top instagram feed for smart STEM girls

Do you have a space cadet with a burning fascination for interstellar travel? Then the feed from NASA is a stellar choice (pun intended). You’ll find rockets, galaxies, astronauts, rovers, and more right here.


@smithsonianzoo  |  STEM

smithsonian zoo top instagram account for girls in science STEM

Lawdy. There are a lot of crazy, adorable critters from around the world waiting for you (and your favorite little girl) in this zoo-tastic feed. Every animal comes with fun facts and jaw dropping photos…baby chetahs, poisonous frogs, golden lion tamarins, oh my!


@STEAMKidsChallenge  |  STEM & CRAFT

Steam Kids Challenge top instagram account for girls in STEM

We love scrolling through this feed. Not surprising, but there’s a lot of tech, engineering and art woven through it. What we love most, is the way they integrate weekly challenges for kids to engage them & their families. Dots & pointillism becomes dinosaur art, heat week becomes thermochromic slime. Super cool stuff!


@Tech.ladies  |  STEM

tech ladies a top instagram account for empowering girls in STEM

Language warning on this feed: adult words do get used. Having said that…for adults looking for inspirational quotes and images to motivate and empower girls, young ladies, & women — you’ll find many gems here. 


@TheDadLab  |  STEM 

the dad lab top instagram account for girls in STEM

We love our Dads. And, we can’t help but feel a bit jealous that we didn’t get to hang out with Sergei Urban and his little boys. His feed is full of science-tastic fun and a perfect companion to his book The Dad Lab. We love that he includes lots of short videos to capture the energy & creativity of learning. 


@tinyn3rds  |  STEM & CRAFT

tiny nerds a top instagram account for empowering girls in STEM and DIY crafting 

If you feel the need for toddler-crafty-goodness-overload, you’ll find it in Luisa’s feed. It isn’t hard to tell that she has a background in education and chemistry. There’s this colorful, organic feel to her projects.


@WomenInTech  |  STEM

women in tech instagram account empowering girls in STEM

Here’s what we love about this account - they feature so many amazing women in tech. That’s what they do, their stories, their faces, their fears & wins. It’s refreshing to see all these faces of women and young ladies rising. 

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