Don't panic: 20 last-minute, easy costumes for girls that are totally empowering

Don't panic: 20 last-minute, easy costumes for girls that are totally empowering

Ghosts, Witches, and pumpkins — oh my! We’re less than 2 weeks from Halloween. If you’re like us, you’re just a *tad* behind on the planning because let’s be honest —> life just doesn’t stop!

Have no fear, we’ve come up with a list of AWESOME, last-minute costumes that are fully loaded with girl power AND pretty easy to pull together. (Your welcome.) From real-world heroes to superhero characters straight out of the movies, we wanted to give you and your favorite little girl ideas that are seriously rad.




Bessy Coleman  //  Amelia Earhart 

bessie coleman and amelia earhart girl hero costumes for halloween
Photos: Left NPR // Right Sweeter Than Cupcakes

Ready for lift off? Amelia Earhart and Bessy Coleman were pioneers who fought the odds and gender prejudice to prove that women could fly as well as any man. Bessy was the 1st African-American to hold an international pilot license. She was greatly admired for "her ability to do barrel rolls, wing walks and her loop-de-loop trick aviation." Amelia was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and went missing while attempting to solo circumnavigate the globe. Both were founding members of the Ninety-Nines -- An organization of and for women pilots.  

What you'll need

Check out how slick Sweeter Than Cupcakes' "thrown together" costume looks. You can definitely raid the closet to make your own and use these cute, plush aviator goggles ($11.50) or super stylish motorcycle goggles ($12) to finish the look. Another option: buy the full 1920s aviator costume from Amazon.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

ruth Bader Ginsburg girls costume DIY
Photo: The Alpha Mom

The Notorious RBG is a force to be reckoned with. She’s spent most of her life fighting for women’s rights and equality. We are in love with girls who sport her Judicial look. <3

What you'll need
You can find all kinds of little things online to create your own (gavel, judge robe, collar ruffle, etc).

Here’s a simple DIY from AlphaMom that we thought was a winner. She outlines her process for the whole outfit (see above). 


Astronaut Girls (like Mae Jemison) 

cute diy kid costumes for nasa astronauts
Photos: 2 Left: OneHowTo  |  Right: TheFrugalMom 

We love outer space and the wonder of interstellar exploration. So, if you have a astronaut-in-training, help her to shoot for the stars. BTW: You can also pair that costume with a great book for girls 3-6 years old (Mae Among the Stars).

What you'll need

  • You can buy a fab astronaut costume on Amazon or Target. (We like these ones.) 
  • Add this cute plastic space helmet ($13) with movable visor to pair with a space suit you make or buy. 
  • Nasa stickers (or patches), or print out your own and stick them on.  ;D
  • DIY IT: Pair a white or orange jumpsuit (or pant & jacket combo), winter boots or rain boots, add silver duck tape (it is a space-styling life saver!), and a few hoses...and you're pretty much there!

    This blog from OneHowTo has a few ways to make a suit yourself. We loved how crazy FullTimeFrugal went on a DIY duct tape outfit, and take a peek at this Pinterest thread if you want more ideas.  


 Wonder Woman

Best feminist and girl power DIY halloween costumes for girls wonder woman for toddler youthPhoto: Left: Josh Rossi’s Photography  |  Right: Pinterest user Kenya Spencer

Who could forget Wonder Woman and the Amazons? Not us. We were in awe of the women from Themyscira. And, speaking of awe...the leaping WonderGirl above are from a dad who MAY have gone overboard on his 3 year old daughter’s Wonder Woman halloween costume and photoshoot (the one-of-a-kind fitted outfit + props cost about $1,500). This level of costuming probably aren’t in the cards for you this year (or likely ever) but these fierce images are too AMAZING not to share.

What you'll need

Fortunately, you can get some super costumes on Amazon, Target & Walmart in not time flat.  

Make your own. Here's a DIY "easy" sew costume from FleeceFun with steps. We really dig the pant DIY outfit from Pinterest user Kenya Spencer! (See above for photo. ) Make it yourself: 

  • Bright red shirt + fitted blue pants or leggings + fab red boots
  • Iron-on Wonder Woman logo for shirt (or buy WW shirt)
  • Thick, sparkly gold paper OR gold duct tape
  • Some velcro to hold things together + rope for the lasso of truth


Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo mexican artist and girl hero DIY costume for girls
Photo: Crafty Chica

Lawdy. Frida had a knack for making an impact. Her art, her eyebrows, her commanding presence…this woman was a powerhouse and treasured Mexican artist.

What you'll need
There are so many ways you can do a Frida costume for girls —-(BTW: a quick search on Google or Pinterest will leave you with heaps of ideas). Here’s one we really adored from Crafty Chica that has steps and pictures.


Doctor Who - The 13th Doctor

great feminist diy halloween costume for girls the 13th doctor who
Photo: Right: unknown  |  Left: EveryDayBest

The longest running show in history has a fresh face! In a series first, The Doctor is a woman and we're huge fans. Serious props to Jodie Whittaker for owning this character so well.

The Doctor saves the day with heart, smarts, and the occasional gadget (Sonic Screwdriver to the rescue!). Needless to say, we are thrilled with the new Doctor and role model she is for girls (big and little). If your girl is a Sci Fi fan, this one is a total win. 

What you'll need

We loved this DIY blog that shows how Shannon Schmid of Everyday Best made the costume for her daughter for less than $50. 


Rosie The Riveter 

rosie the riveter girl hero costume for girls

GIRL POWER to the max! This one is a tried and true winner for women & girls on Halloween. Rosie embodies the take-charge, make-things-happen power that rose up during World War II for women when they stepped into traditionally male labor jobs (technology, manufacturing, etc) to power the war effort and US economy while the gents were fighting overseas. 

What you'll need 
Even better? It's so easy to pull together. All you need is a denim jumper (or blue collared shirt with sleeves rolled up & jeans), boots, and red bandana. To finish the look, you might want to add a "We can do it!" sign or button. 

Bonus points: Stick on a "Rosie" name tag.   :D


robot STEM costume for kids diy fun ideas
Photo: Tell Love & Party

Robots are the bomb. You can get pretty crafty with a few boxes, duct tape, paint, and aluminum flex pipes.  :D  Unless you're feeling really crafty, this maybe not a top project to do really last minute but seriously... how can we leave it out?

What you'll need

Cardboard boxes, paint (maybe), duct tape, markers, flexible piping,  and warm, soft underlayer. Mix those with a healthy dose of imagination and patience and you'll be robot-ready in no time.

There are tons of examples online, but we <3 this one from tell love and party. And here's a sweet Pinterest Board of DIY robot costumes from CoolestParties.  


Marie Curie & Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin and Marie Curie costumes for girls STEM
Photo: 5Minutes For Mom

If you have a budding scientist who's tired of witches and comic book characters, then Mary or Rosalind might be the pick this Halloween. These ladies were rockstars and true heroes in science. 

Marie Curie is legendary. She was the 1st woman to win a Nobel Prize. She was also the 1st person (and only woman) to win 2 Nobel Prizes (and they were in different fields of study)! She was an astonishingly talented chemist and scientist who did pioneering research on radioactivity. 

Rosalind Franklin's work in genetics and X-ray studies was critical to our understanding how DNA works. In fact, her Photo 51” image of the DNA molecule helped scientists understand (and discover) that DNA is a double helix. 

What you'll need:
We really liked 5minutesForMom's how to for their DIY costumes. 

Captain America

feminist fabulous Costume for strong girls captain america
Photo: Left: Primary  |  Right: Adventures of an Elven Princess

Who says Captain America has to be a dude? Not us. We love, love, love this character for girls. Which reminds year we're betting you'll see a lot of Captain Marvel costumes because it's a strong  woman. Fingers crossed that we have another Wonder Woman phenom. We need more super women representing! (Here's the Captain Marvel trailer.)

What you'll need

We adore this no-sew DIY guid for toddler Captain America outfits from Primary. And, if your girl prefers to fight global calamity in pants (we certainly do) they can rock jeans and boots with that shield and star emblem top. you can get ideas from Adventures of an Elven Princess: That outfit is FIERCE. 


Jane Goodall

jane goodall girls costume of real life girl hero
Photo: The Mod Chik

If your little girl goes gaga for nature and monkeys...Jane Goodall is a fantastic choice. Jane committed her life to studying, understanding, and saving Chimpanzees and became a trailblazer in primate studies and activism to protect them and our planet.

What you'll need:
For the costume all you need are a safari shirt and pants, a stuffed primate (monkey, chimp, ape), and binoculars (always good), and you're ready to go! We loved The Mod Chik's take on a costume (see images above).  ;D


Serena or Venus Williams  //  Billie Jean King

venus and serina williams and billie jean king sport girl heroes diy costumes
Photo: left @CoachWright22 // Right The Stir. CafeMom

Powerful, fierce, beautiful - Venus & Serena Williams took the tennis world by storm 18 years ago and are still going strong. Honestly, very little seems to slow them down!  They have inspired millions with their tenacity and skill.

Then there's Billie Jean King: She dominated women's tennis for a decade and fought for equal pay in a time when women were earning a 10th what men were in tennis. She forged alliances to empower female players and won the crazy "battle of the sexes" match against Bobby Riggs in 1973 (watch this amazing movie about that time & tournament). Billie was also a voice and passionate advocate for LGBTQ rights. It goes without saying, but ladies...we're huge fans. 

Putting together a costume for your sporty girl:

  • For the Williams sisters: There are so  many looks to choose from. So, pick your favorite look and run with it. 
  • For Billie Jean King: Glasses and mostly white sleeved dress.
  • For both: Tennis shoes, toy tennis racket, and a lot of fierce attitude!


Hermione Granger 

Hermoine girl hero diy costume with directionsPhoto: MrsMommyHolic

Take us back to Hogwarts and the wonder of this magical land! We'll always have a soft spot for courageous, kind and smart Hermione. The kids of Harry Potter are still inspiring girls and boys to dream of wondrous things and fight evil. If your girl wants to be a wizard, it's easy enough to do. 

What you'll need

We love this DIY by MrsMommyHolic. It has step by step pictures and shows how this cute costume can be easily made for girls of just about any age.

BONUS POINTS: Helene even made her daughter's hair “messy & curly” by braiding it the night before. Smart.  ;)   


Susan B. Anthony  //  Suffragette 

Susan b anthony suffragist girl hero diy costume
Left: Ashanti Sloan  //  Right: pennylrichardsca

Susan B. Anthony was a driving force in the Suffrage movement and worked tirelessly for 50 years to get women the right to vote As she put it in a newspaper she helped found: their mission was "Men their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less," and the aim of establishing justice for all. It's quite possible we would be in a very different country if it weren't for the bravery and determination of Miss. Anthony and Suffragettes. Women finally got the right to vote in 1920. 

What you'll need
We love the suffrage outfits with a simple dress, ankle boots, and "VOTE FOR WOMEN" sash.

You can also recreate Susan B. Anthony's puritanical outfit with a black dress, black leggings, part the hair down the middle (grey hair color optional), add reading glasses, and a white collar. (You can also buy this costume.)  


Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi kusama famous artist and girl feminist hero diy costume idea for girls
Photo Left: 
lupine@yonopo  //  Right: Unknown

Yayoi is a world renowned Japanese artist who is known for her obsession with polka dots and infinity installations. She's been dubbed the "Polka Dot Princess." Her road to celebrity has been a long one, but her work was exhibited with artists like Andy Warhol and Claes Judd. There's a great, new movie "Kusama - Infinity" about her life and the impact of her work. She's one of a kind. 

What you'll need 
A red blunt-style wig, dress/clothing with big, fabulous polka dots, outrageous sunglasses, and *possibly* red lipstick. Yayoi tends to favor red dots but all colors work!

Extra points: We love how @yonopo added a pumpkin purse with dots to the DIY costume (just like some of Kusama's famous pumpkin installations).  <3 


An Alien Spaceship

great costume for smart girls alien spaceship
Photo: KiwiCo

We can't help ourselves. This spaceship costume just too cool not to include. If your girl loves outer space, well this light-up costume is definitely out of this world and comes with info on the search for alien life and fun facts about rockets. (Honestly, it may not be ideal for really last-minute costuming since you have it delivered and then put it together, but there's always expedited shipping to the rescue! 

What you'll need

Buy the spaceship costume kit (funky sunglasses included) and instructions from KiwiCo, leggings, your favorite moon boots, and a little time to build the coolest costume on the block.  


Black Panther Dora-Milaje & Princess Shuri

Costume ideas for fierce little girls - black panther DIY
Photo: BlogSpot (*unsure of original source)

The honorable and powerful Dora Milaje warriors are one of the cooler nods to fierce women we've seen in fiction. But did you know that they're based upon the all-female military troops of Dahomey (now called The Republic of Benin). They were legendary in the early 19th century and the French dubbed them the “Dahomey Amazons.” Pretty cool!

Then there's Princess Shuri: A brilliant scientist who speaks her mind and is also brave. Yes, we wish Wakanda was a real place. 

What You'll need

In all honestly, this outfit looks a bit complicated, but you can simplify it! A red tunic dress for Dora Milaje & black for Shuri + duct tape (brown & silver), a colorful patterned waist cloth, fierce face paint, and warrior attitude go a long way.

If you're pretty handy with sewing and down to do bead work, here's a Dora Milaje costume tutorial you can use as a guide for girls.

Not feeling up to the task? We recommend a trip to Target, Walmart or buy on Amazon.  You can also find more ideas on this Pinterest Board.

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