Our top 20 "Girl Power" holiday gifts for toddler girls in 2018

Our top 20

This is not your typical toddler Holiday gift guide for girls. No Sir. No Ma'am. That's because we do our best to avoid all things pink or that smack of Disney princesses. We know you see PLENTY of that pretty much everywhere else. Instead this list is a few of our favorite books, games, clothing and gear that promote Curiosity, Courage, Science, Engineering, Adventure and the Outdoors.  

All very, very good things for girls. 

If you want more ideas for a holiday shopping spree, take a peek in our store  -- it's full of girl-tastic goods that we've curated from around the web. 


Here are our top picks for toddler girls this season: 



Ada Twist, Scientist  |  $12.10


Ada Twist Scientist and Rosie Revere Engeneer books for smart little girls gift guide 2018

Looking for a great read to inspire a budding scientist or engineer? We're huge fans of Ada Twist & Rosie Revere's inquisitive ways.  These books touch on themes of never giving up and problem solving. They show little girls how cool it is to make things and stay curious. No secret, they champion girl power and women scientists. Ada Twist, Scientist also brings some welcome diversity to children's books about girls in science. 


Plush Aviator Cap  |  $11.49

For girls with an active imagination and love for high flying...it's hard to beat this adorable plush cap and goggle "costume." It's also warm.  #Winning 


Astronaut Space Module Tent  |  $40.99

Who's ready to picnic on the Moon? Whether it's in the backyard, family room, or on the surface of Mars... this NASA inspired dome tent is adventure ready! 


Caped Crusaders  |  $13.99

Whether you're outfitting one little girl or a small horde, you'll have the gear for gal heroes and hours of creative play. Inspiring comic book legends Spider Woman, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl are just a cape away.  


Goldie Blox Action Figures & Games  |  $24.89

goldie blox ruby rails sets top holiday purchases for toddler girls

We are huge fans of GoldieBlox! They pair stories with engineering, girl action figures, and hands-on projects. Girls build things like zip-lines, spinning machines, mazes, and more). More importantly, they SEE THEMSELVES because these characters are racially diverse and unique individuals. Check all the Goldie Blox adventurers out: Goldie, Ruby, Val and Li. 


Interstellar Cinderella  |  $11.15

We could get used to THIS Cinderella! A wonderful reboot of the princess fairytale with an interstellar journey that features an independent heroine and engineer. Dare we say it? It's stellar.   ;D


Little Astronaut Pocket Tunic  |  $13.95

astronaut space pocket STEM dress for girls

Ready for lift-off! We're always on the lookout for STEM inspired clothing for girls and this is one of our absolute favorites (we just wish it came in sizes above 6T). Trust us when we say that a tunic like this sparks all kinds of AMAZING conversations about science and space with girls rocking it. 


I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark  |  $12.24

I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg childrens book for strong girls

Yes. The Notorious RBG has a hardcover children's book and it is WONDERFUL. Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a real-life hero. She has spent a lifetime standing up for what’s right and using the law to fight against inequality, sexism, racism, and unfair treatment. The book shares her story through the lens of some of her famous dissents. 


Magical Rocket Ship Tent  |  $29.99

rocketship top girl toddler gifts 2018 guide

This tent takes us back to fond memories and blanket fort rockets, but it's so much better. Endless adventures (and cozy story times) are waiting in this pop-up rocket ship. Plus, it's totally girl-positive without the pink overload (or hearts & rainbows) that seem to cover most tents for girls. BONUS: You also get a "space torch."


Magbot Stylish Wooden Magnetic Blocks  |  $24.00

magbot magnetic blocks robot girl toddler toys gift guide

This robot block set is adorable. There are multiple "bot" designs included pluse these magnetic blocks are compatible with all other Tegu blocks. So, girls can build new creations or keep it in robot art form. 


The Most Magnificent Thing  |  $15.20

For engineers in training who have inquisitive minds and the desire to make amazing things...this book is a must. Not only is it about having a wonderful idea, it's also about experimenting, failing, trying, learning and persevering. 


Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Construction Set  |  $119.99

magnatiles top building block set for kids

If your little girl loves building (of course she does!), give her a colorful building set that is only limited by her imagination. Magna-tiles are THE standard for magnetic building sets. They have a stronger "bond" than most other blocks and the larger set gives girls a lot more to build with. 


DOT Creativity Kit Robot  |  $79.99

DOT wonder workshop creativity kit robot top toys holiday gift guide

DOT is a robot sidekick: She's clever, quirky, and ready to play right out of the box. Plus, DOT's creativity kit has all kinds of games and props to immerse girls in experiences with their new buddy. They'll learn about robotics without even realizing it's a teaching tool. For toddlers +5 years old. 


Wonder Woman Toddler Tee + Cape  |  $14.99

This Wonder Woman caped tee is perfect bold little girls with big dreams. It's not only adorable, it's also fully loaded with Girl Power! Your little girl will be ready to fight evil-doers and save the world. 


Strong Is the New Pretty  |  $13.61

strong is the new pretty book cover top gifts for girls 2018

Simply put, buy this book. We've been blown away by this simple, powerful, photo anthology of girls being girls. Strong, bold, kind, gritty, fabulous, wacky, curious, driven, brilliant, and heartfelt...this should be in every girls room.


Beginners Talking Microscope  |  $38.98


Such a cool concept to hook curious minds with science and wonder. This microscope is perfect for pre-schoolers and designed to meet them where they're at. Girls can look at slides AND the scope explains what they're seeing. It can even quiz them! 


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls  ||  $35.00

Goodnight stories for rebel girls 2 girls reading top gift for girls 2018

Dang. We LOVE this book. These are the kind of bedtime stories we should be reading to girls (and boys).  Filled with 100 stories about extraordinary women and girls -- each story is written in the style of a fairytale with a beautiful illustration and one page long.


Fierce Little Lioness Purple Tee  |  $18.50

This tee is FIERCE - just like your little girl. Turns out most girls LOVE lions & tigers. Even better? It sends a powerful message: Strong is beautiful & a courageous heart is priceless.


Kid Binoculars - 8X Magnification  |  $21.99

These binoculars are kid legit! They're the best we could find that are specifically built for little ones: Ergonomic grips, rubber eye flaps to protect eyes, sized to fit tiny faces AND girls can see 8x closer. Great for boosting interest in animals, plants, nature, and adventuring! 


Never Forget a Face Game  |  $18.95


We still remember playing (and loving) matching games as kids. This one melds memory building with fun and awareness of the wider world. Kids match the smiling faces of 24 children from different backgrounds and countries around the planet. #WINNING

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