20 Totally empowering & smart gifts for girls this Christmas

20 Totally empowering & smart gifts for girls this Christmas

Let's give girls awesome gifts we can all feel good about. Gifts that embrace and showcase their fierce intellect, curiosity and courageous hearts. We know so many amazing girls who are excited about science, art, the outdoors, and adventure, that's why this is not your typical Holiday Gift Guide for girls. No Sir. No Ma'am.

We keep the pink to a minimum. Srsly. This list of featured gifts can fit any budget - from $5 to $200.  Most can also be bought last-minute on Amazon Prime! (You're welcome!)

If you're shopping for younger girls, take a look at our Toddler Girl Gift Guide.  :)
And, if you want even more rad gift ideas, take a peek in our store. It has tons of girl-tastic goods that we've curated from around the web. 




Strong Is the New Pretty

strong is the new pretty book

Lawdy. We LOVE this book.
Simply put: Buy it. These photos of girls of all ages being themselves (and sharing their insights) is powerful in ways that will likely surprise you. Girl-positive, inspirational, strong, bold, kind, gritty, fabulous, and heartfelt...this should be in every girls room. 


SPRK the Smart Robot  |  $116.99

SPRK smart robot gift for girls STEM robotics

This little ball is full of surprises. This round robot is definitely one of the coolest learning robots we've seen in 2018. (See our list of all 6 top bots for girls HERENot only is it fun to drive, it is bound to spark curiosity and ingenuity in your aspiring roboticist...because it's fun! It's designed to encourage exploration and play with guides along the way.


Illustory Book Making Kit  |  $26.99

Illustory best gifts girls

Every budding author needs their own book. For girls who have stories and ideas to share, we adore this award winning book making guide and kit. It gives girls the opportunity to write, illustrate, and PUBLISH their very own hardcover book!


Rad American Women, A-Z  |  $12.21

This book is rad. Bold illustrations accompany the real-life stories of 26 American women who trail-blazed in all kinds of fields. It's girl-power and rabble rouser stories with an ABC's theme:  Each woman is a letter of the alphabet starting with Angela Davis (activist, teacher, and writer) and ends with Zora Neale Hurston (anthropologist and writer).  So. Very. Good. 


It's Rosie The Riveter  |  $10.99


She can do it! Rosie the Riveter is a story & role model that girls can get behind. This action figure is such a powerful symbol and reminder of girl power.  She'll get the job done and might even have some fun doing it. 


Gizmos & Gadgets Kit - LittleBits 2nd Gen  |  $149.95

Look no farther for smart & cool engineering toys. LittleBits is the most awarded STEM company and has made serious tech fun and accessible for girls & boys. Your engineer-in-training can make all kinds of things: The arcade game, race car, bubble blowing rocketship, 


Little Chevron Teepee  |  $62.99

All you need is a good fort for endless hours of imaginative play. Teepee fun is just around the corner...er flap.  Give girls their own space to play, imagine and create. Whether it's a reading nook or an adventure spot, this teepee gets the job done...and looks great doing it. 


Nasa Girl Tee  |  $18.50

Does your girl have NASA dreams? If you want to encourage her to shoot for the stars, this t-shirt is a MUST.  It's smart, brave and ready for a grand adventure -- just like her.


Zita the Spacegirl  |  $8.95

zita space girl top book for adventurous girls

For bold girls: this sci-fi adventure follows Zita: A brave, clever & kind girl who's on a mission to save her best friend from a strange alien race on a very strange planet. She befriends many unusual creatures along the way (as you do on new planets)! It's a NYT best seller and wild little story. 


My Little Moon Lunar Lamp  |  $26.99

My moon replica nightlight top gift STEM

This is cool. This little light gives moon gazing a whole new meaning. The Lunar Lamp is an ACCURATE replica of the moon and its landscape. It also has 2 color settings and comes with rechargeable battery. What a fab addition to any room.  :)


Roots & Betta Water Garden  |  $99.99

NEAT! This little aquaponic garden is gorgeous. It's also a very cool learning opportunity. The garden system needs 50% fewer cleanings than traditional fish tanks because of its design and is a cool way to teach about the science of aquaponics with a stylish DIY closed-loop ecosystem. Everything you need is included (except the fish).  ;D


LEGO - Women of NASA Kit  | $19.99

Women of nasa lego set for STEM girls

Well done, LEGO. This set pairs 4 amazing women in science with their work at NASA. It's great to shine a light on heroes Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride and Mae Jemison.  Building replicas of the women who built the things. So meta. 


Princeless: Save Yourself  |  $7.96

Princeless save yourself graphic novel girl power

This princess isn't waiting to be saved. She's saving herself (and others along the way). We love how Princeless flips the "fairytale" narrative on it's head. This clever graphic novel (first in a series) has diverse characters and takes apart a lot of gender stereotypes...all while offering one fantastic adventure to readers. 


Goldie Blox Action Figures & Building Sets  |  $24.89

GoldieBlox sets for girls STEM engineering best gifts

If you want toys that are specifically designed to excite girls about engineering, we strongly suggest GoldieBlox sets! They pair stories with engineering, girl action figures, and hands-on projects. Plus, the key characters are racially diverse and unique individuals. Check all the Goldie Blox adventurers out: Goldie, Ruby, Val and Li. 


400x Microscope + Activity Journal  |  $25.87

Few things are cooler than seeing the world with completely new eyes. There's a world of wonders waiting to be discovered in the microscopic world that surrounds girls. This microscope comes with slides, scientific journal and test tubes for further exploration. 


Dash the Wonder Robot  |  $149.95

This is one of our all-time favorite smart toys. It's so adorable YOU will want to play with it. Dash has real personality and sounds that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Even better: This robot pal also teaches kids about coding in clever games though it's app. (See our list of all 6 top bots for girls HERE.


50 Fearless Pioneers: Women in Science  |  $10.32 

best gift 50 women in science book

This New York Times best seller highlights 50 amazing women who rocked science in fields across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Women from present day to the ancient world have had major impacts on science and our world. We love the vibrant illustrations and focus on STEM.  


LEGO Batgirl Batjet Set  |  $24.95

Batgirl to the rescue! Not only do you heighten those engineering skills, this gift has super hero, girl power all over it. Every girl we know loves building things and stories - no surprise, this LEGO set is a total win. 


Kids Telescope - 20x-40x magnification  |  $29.95

Give your favorite girl the moon and the stars! This telescope is designed for kids. It's a snap to setup and comes with a tripod. What a great gift to get girls excited about astronomy and science.  #Winning


A-ha! Brainteaser Kit  |  $24.99

Let's unlock some brain power with these fun games and puzzles. This kit has 8 unique brainteasers that are designed to build building problem solving & critical thinking skills. Meets your kid where they're at: It comes with hints to assist learning and build confidence.


Great Paintings by Women Artists - Coloring Book  |  $4.99

Introduce your budding artist (and girl warrior) to amazing art by women throughout history.  There are 30 unique works by noted female artists. Girls learn a bit about artists and re-make priceless and timeless art into their own creations. 



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