• A Nasa Girl Tee

    $26.00 $18.50

    For the girl who dreams of touching down on the moon or rocketing through space, this shirt is a must. She'll tell the world she's smart, brave and ready for a grand adventure. Plus, what's cooler than space travel?   WHY GIRLS LOVE THIS GIFT (AND YOU...

  • Ada Twist, ScientistAda Twist, Scientist

    Ada Twist, Scientist

    $17.95 $12.10

    Looking for a great read to inspire your budding scientist? We are huge fans of Ada Twist and her inquisitive ways.  It's no surprise that this is #1 New York Times Bestseller (and a Wall Street Journal + a USA Today Bestseller). We love Ada Twist! From the creators of...

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  • Astronaut Space Module TentAstronaut Space Module Tent

    Astronaut Space Module Tent

    $63.99 $40.99

    Take your girl's imagination to the moon with this NASA inspired dome tent. Whether it's in the backyard, family room, or on the surface of Mars... this tent is adventure ready! It comes with plenty of room for friends, space aliens, toys and kid furniture.    WHAT...

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  • Aviator Cap & GogglesAviator Cap & Goggles

    Aviator Cap & Goggles


    For the little firecracker who loves planes and adventure -- this soft aviator cap and goggles are not only adorable, they're mission ready. We love products that encourage creativity, imagination and adventure. This checks all those boxes.   :D   WHY GIRLS LOVE THIS GIFT A soft cotton...

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  • Awesome Patches - 3 Legging Styles

    $20.00 $9.95

    We're suckers for patches -- especially when they have this much personality!  Take your pick (or get all 3) to match your little gal's interests. Whether it's a friendly-roaming-dinosaur, brave-surfer-girl, or vibrant-shooting-stars; you can't go wrong.     THE SKINNY 3 styles to choose from: Shooting stars, Surfer...

  • Build It: Magformers 62 Construction SetBuild It: Magformers 62 Construction Set

    Build It: Magformers 62 Construction Set

    $99.99 $60.99

      For the girl who wants to build amazing things. Help her create what she imagines from towering buildings to vehicles and crazy creatures, the sky is the limit! These colorful building tiles are more affordable than Magnatiles and still have a ton of "umph" magnetically...

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  • Build Your Own Robot - Tinker Tot Wood Set (3T-10Y)Build Your Own Robot - Tinker Tot Wood Set (3T-10Y)

    Build Your Own Robot - Tinker Tot Wood Set (3T-10Y)


      These toy robots are adorable mix & match pieces to create an ever-changing set of wooden bot friends. They're charming, retro AND eco-friendly. You're little girl can create amazing robots and you're supporting a great Colorado-based business!  28 pieces that are all universal and can be interchanged...

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  • Caped Crusaders

    Caped Crusaders


    Not one superhero...FOUR! Whether you're outfitting one little girl or a small horde, you'll have the gear for gal heroes and hours of creative play. Inspiring comic book legends Spider Woman, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl are just a cape away.     WHY GIRLS LOVE...

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  • Clever Fox Tunic (2T-7Y)

    $32.00 $9.95

    So clever. So smart. This embroidered fox tunic is a keeper. We love her little sweater and bright glasses. Who's more curious: Your favorite little girl or her new fox friend?  This long sleeved tunic dress is a soft cotton, hangs in gentle A-line, and is great on it's own...

  • Dino Friends Tee


    Dinosaurs are fascinating (no matter your age). These adorable T-rex and Diplodocus cubs are clearly the best of friends. There's a story here and your favorite dino-loving-girl can probably tell you her version.  Feed her love for the prehistoric with this cute, fitted tee.  This shirt has a...

  • Dinosaur Time Leggings (2T-7Y)

    $19.50 $9.75

    It's DINO-TIME! Little girls love prehistoric creatures and these dinosaur leggings are ready to rumble. There is so much fab in this colorful dinosaur print...if only it came in adult sizes.   THE SKINNY Designed for mobile girls: Soft, stretchy cotton with elastic waist.  Vibrant design with roaming dinosaurs Quality...

  • Fierce Little Lioness Purple Tee

    $26.50 $18.50

    Few things are more courageous than your little lioness. This tee is FIERCE - just like her. Send her into the world with a message that rings true: Strong is beautiful & a courageous heart is priceless. Soft with 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey and...

  • Fierce Little Lioness Tee

    $26.75 $18.50

    Let's be honest, few things are more courageous than your little lioness. This tee is FIERCE, just like her. Send her into the world with a message that rings true: Strong is beautiful & a courageous heart is priceless. Soft with 100% combed ringspun cotton...

  • Force Of Nature Fitted Tee

    $26.50 $19.75

    For the girl in your life who is wild, wondrous, inquisitive and a true force of nature. Celebrate her strength and ideas. Look out world, here she comes! Soft with 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey and pre-shrunk. This soft, aspirational t-shirt has cupped sleeves, a slim...

  • Girl Power Mountain Tee

    $27.00 $19.75

    Say it with us, "Girl Power!" This shirt is for girls who are ready to climb up mountains and sing from the top. It's a celebration and statement on how awesome THEY are. We love this tee so much, we made it in ladies sizes, too.   :D WILL IT...

  • Girls Can Tee


    No limits. Girls are powerful, smart, driven, creative and brilliant. Let's remind the world and your favorite little girl that all things are possible -- There are no limits on her.  This shirt has a slim fit and longer cut. It can be worn on its...

  • Happy Hut Teepee w/ ProjectorHappy Hut Teepee w/ Projector

    Happy Hut Teepee w/ Projector

    $49.99 $36.99

    Ready for the outdoors? Tents are like magic, they give girls a fort to play in, read in or adventure from. Indoors or out, this fab, colorful teepee is built to last, has a skylight, window and entrance flaps (It's also a snap to set up). It...

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  • Hungry Dino on Stripes Tunic (18M-6T)

    $25.00 $9.95

    Remember when you LOVED all things dinosaur? The mystery of these massive creatures and their world lives on in this dress' gentle, embroidered giant. She'll wear it with pride (perhaps even give it a name).  This short sleeve, summer dress is a cozy cotton with gentle...

  • I Am BOLD Tee

    $26.00 $19.75

    YES. This is for the BOLD girl who isn't afraid to occasionally roar. She is kind, fierce and true. She is going to shake things up (she probably already is)! This is a statement shirt; it's there to remind girls on their best and worst...

  • Interstellar CinderellaInterstellar Cinderella

    Interstellar Cinderella

    $16.99 $11.15

    We could get used to THIS Cinderella! A wonderful reboot of an old (and tired) story into an interstellar journey with a truly memorable heroine. What's not to love? Space travel, an independent-engineering princess, and a prince in distress.    ABOUT THE BOOKOnce upon a planetoid,amid her tools and...

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  • Kid Binoculars - 8X MagnificationKid Binoculars - 8X Magnification

    Kid Binoculars - 8X Magnification


    Eagle eyes are like having a super power. These binoculars are legit AND made specifically for little people. Girls can see 8x closer AND adventure through nature and the world. Spark her curiosity, help her to see the world in a new way, and get...

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  • Kid Lab Coat

    Kid Lab Coat


    Doctor. Scientist. Engineer.  Let your girl's imagination run wild this realistic lab coat. Dress up and pair with STEM project kits and the Talking Microscope for younger girls or the Nancy B Microscope for older kids. Let the learning and play begin!    WHAT GIRLS LOVE ABOUT THIS...

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  • Kinetic Sand from Nat GeoKinetic Sand from Nat Geo

    Kinetic Sand from Nat Geo


    You don't need the beach to build sand castles; your girl will have a blast molding, slicing, and shaping this amazing (dare we say it...magical) play sand! It doesn't dry out -- this sand acts wet while leaving your hands completely dry.  The kinetic sand comes with fun molds to...

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  • Let's Lift Off Airplane Tunic (18M-6T)

    $25.00 $9.95

    3..2..1.. Lift off!! What's not to love about this airplane-fab, embroidered dress? We are enchanted with the colors and how it embraces girls love pf planes and flying things. Your favorite little girl will be whizzing around the house and outdoors - ready for lift off in this sweet dress! This...

  • Little Astronaut Pocket Tunic 2 (18M-6Y)

    $31.08 $17.76

    If your little girl is an avid explorer and has dreams of joining NASA, floating through space, running a space station, and exploring new worlds...then this dress is a must! We're always on the lookout for space inspired clothing for girls and this is one of our...

  • Little Chevron TeepeeLittle Chevron Teepee

    Little Chevron Teepee

    $99.99 $62.99

    Fort fab fun is just around the corner...er flap.  There's nothing like a teepee fort to give girls their own space to play, imagine and create. Whether it's a wilderness adventure or a quiet reading nook, this teepee gets the job done. Plus, it's a stylish...

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  • Little Kunoichi the Ninja GirlLittle Kunoichi the Ninja Girl

    Little Kunoichi the Ninja Girl

    $16.99 $11.89

    Ninja girls unite! Kunoichi is a ninja in training and she's working hard. The life of a little ninja isn't all fun and games (even if there are a lot of kicks)! A great book for fierce little girls.   ABOUT THE BOOKLittle Kunoichi, a young...

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  • Magbot Wooden Magnetic BlocksMagbot Wooden Magnetic Blocks

    Magbot Wooden Magnetic Blocks

    $30.00 $24.00

    We love this little Magbot building set and so will your favorite engineer-in-training. This robot is a wooden magnetic set. It's also compatible with all other Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks - so she can keep building new creations or keep it in bot form as a nifty piece of...

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  • Magical Rocket Ship TentMagical Rocket Ship Tent

    Magical Rocket Ship Tent

    $39.99 $29.99

    This tent takes us back to blanket fort rockets, but it's so much better. She'll love adventuring in this magical, popup rocket ship. You'll love that it is easy to set up and totally girl-positive without pink overload, hearts and rainbows. Speaking from experience, girls...

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  • Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Construction SetMagna-Tiles 100 Piece Construction Set

    Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Construction Set


    She's creative. She's a budding builder of things. If your little girl wants to create things in the moment, give her a colorful building set that is only limited by her imagination. Magna-tiles are THE standard for magnetic building sets. These colorful, multi-shaped construction tiles hold...

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  • Margaret and the MoonMargaret and the Moon

    Margaret and the Moon

    $17.99 $12.59

    We're suckers for a good space story - especially a one that features a real woman scientist and pioneer in space travel at NASA. This book is a treasure for a lot of reasons - not least of which is how it inspires young girls (and boys)...

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  • Monster Fin Rain BootsMonster Fin Rain Boots

    Monster Fin Rain Boots

    $29.99 $18.99

      Grrrrrrr! She is fierce and ready for rain in these fan-freakin-tastic rain boots. Monster fins on electric yellow boots are a win; so is the waterproof natural rubber (instead of plastic), soft insoles and anti-slip tread. Look out puddles - this little girl is...

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  • My First Book of Girl Power - DC HerosMy First Book of Girl Power - DC Heros

    My First Book of Girl Power - DC Heros

    $10.99 $9.89

    What makes super-heroes super? This board book is great for little ones. It focuses on the abilities of 8 DC heroines and how they use their abilities & powers to do good in the world. It's colorful, short and features: Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Black Canary, Bumblebee, Raven, Katana,...

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  • Ocean Adventures Tunic (2T-7Y)

    $29.00 $9.95

    Ahoy there! Girls love adventures and boats and this tunic has a great story in it. A kitten and puppy seem to be on an exciting ocean adventure. Boats, helicopters and rescue missions are everywhere. We love this print - and it's deep pockets.  The dress is...

  • Owlet Kid Parachute HammockOwlet Kid Parachute Hammock

    Owlet Kid Parachute Hammock

    $32.99 $19.99

    Let's go outside and explore! And then, she can rock in gentle wonder as she gazes at the trees or up into the starry, night sky. The Owlet hammocks is designed specifically for kids. It's also high-quality parachute nylon which means it's extra soft on skin...

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  • Positive Space - Toddler Space Art Tee

    $30.00 $26.50

    This shirt is all about the potential within. After all, there's a whole universe in every girl and we are made of the same fabric as the stars that light the midnight sky. A truly special, comfortable shirt that's perfect for the star gazer in...

  • Road Ready Tunic (2T-7Y)

    $28.00 $9.95

    Vrrrroooom! If you've got a little speed demon who loves the wind in her hair and is fascinated with vehicles and travel, then this lighter-weight, long-sleeve tunic is a must. It's soft, flowy and comes with a sweet print that has all the top movers: Bikes, Scooters &...

  • Roaring Cheetah OR Lioness Leggings (2T-7Y)

    $19.00 $9.50

    If your girl is a wild-child who loves big-cats, these leggings are the bomb. Tigers and cheetahs are roaming the jungle. Adventure awaits!  These leggings were made for girls who love big animals and distant lands. Totally fab, cotton leggings that are soft and ready for whatever adventure...

  • Robo Rascal Magnetic Wooden Block SetRobo Rascal Magnetic Wooden Block Set

    Robo Rascal Magnetic Wooden Block Set

    $20.00 $16.00

      If your little girl loves animals, robots and building things -- these magnetic sets are not only creative, they're also curiously attractive and totally unique.  This robot rascal set transforms into many cool things (horse / spaceship / dinosaur) and is fully compatible with all other...

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  • Rocket Me to Sleep - Youth Sleeping BagRocket Me to Sleep - Youth Sleeping Bag

    Rocket Me to Sleep - Youth Sleeping Bag


      Perfect for those warmer evening nights of star gazing or in-house "space" naps and slumber parties, this is a fun, fully functional sleeping bag to help boost the dreams of your little girl and budding space fanatic. Measures 66" x 23". Ideal for Children ages...

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  • Rocket Ship Backpack - BlueRocket Ship Backpack - Blue

    Rocket Ship Backpack - Blue


    Lift of with this space-inspired little backpack. We <3 the fox moonwalking art and simple, 3D rocket ship design. For your aspiring astronaut and stargazer, this pack is a total win!  This backpack is with a so cute 3D rocket design.    Details:  Antigravity potential...

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  • Rocket Ship Backpack - PinkRocket Ship Backpack - Pink

    Rocket Ship Backpack - Pink


    Lift of with this space-inspired little backpack. We <3 the fox moonwalking art and simple, 3D rocket ship design. For your aspiring astronaut and stargazer, this pack is a total win!  This backpack is with a so cute 3D rocket design.    Details:  Antigravity potential...

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  • Rocket Ship Launching Tunic (2T-7Y)

    $29.00 $9.95

    3...2...1...LIFT-OFF! This spaceship is taking off and perfect for a girl on-the-move who loves spaceships, science, and astronauts.  We're always on the lookout for space inspired clothing for little girls and this is one is a keeper! This long sleeve tunic dress is a soft cotton with gentle a-frame lines and deep pockets. It's great...

  • Rosie Revere, EngineerRosie Revere, Engineer

    Rosie Revere, Engineer

    $17.95 $12.08

    One of our all-time favorite books for inquisitive little girls. Rosie is always building things and wants to become a great engineer & inventor like her great-great-Aunt (Rosie the Riveter). It's a beautifully illustrated story and message about building amazing things and how failure is actually the first...

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