• Astronaut Space Module TentAstronaut Space Module Tent

    Astronaut Space Module Tent

    $63.99 $40.99

    Take your girl's imagination to the moon with this NASA inspired dome tent. Whether it's in the backyard, family room, or on the surface of Mars... this tent is adventure ready! It comes with plenty of room for friends, space aliens, toys and kid furniture.    WHAT...

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  • Boost Creative Toolbox (7-12y)Boost Creative Toolbox (7-12y)

    Boost Creative Toolbox (7-12y)

    $159.99 $159.95

    The BOOST Creativity Toolkit is basically LEGO on kid-friendly steroids and will have young makers and engineers enthralled. Girls get hands-on building robots that can talk, react, build, shoot, drive…and fart (Seriously. Flatulence never gets old.)… just to name a few things BOOST does.  This...

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  • Build It: Magformers 62 Construction SetBuild It: Magformers 62 Construction Set

    Build It: Magformers 62 Construction Set

    $99.99 $60.99

      For the girl who wants to build amazing things. Help her create what she imagines from towering buildings to vehicles and crazy creatures, the sky is the limit! These colorful building tiles are more affordable than Magnatiles and still have a ton of "umph" magnetically...

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  • Cozmo the RobotCozmo the Robot

    Cozmo the Robot


    This little robot is feisty and so.very.adorable! Even better? Your little engineer in training can learn code with it. Cozmo is a LOT like having your very own WALL-E robot - it has an endearing & quirky personality that they say actually evolves the longer you interact with...

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  • CUE Coding Robot (10+)CUE Coding Robot (10+)

    CUE Coding Robot (10+)


    Lawdy, we LOVE this little robot! We're huge fans of Wonder Workshop's bots for younger girls and boys (DASH & DOT). CUE keeps the things that made them a screaming success: the cute behaviors and sounds (seriously adorable stuff), the nimble & sturdy body, the block-based...

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  • Dash the Wonder Robot (+6y)Dash the Wonder Robot (+6y)

    Dash the Wonder Robot (+6y)


    This is one of our all-time favorite "smart" toys. Not only is this robot real, it's so adorable YOU will want to play with it too, AND it teaches kids about coding in clever games though their app. Dash has real personality. He moves, dances,...

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  • DOT Robot Buddy & Creative Kit (+5y)DOT Robot Buddy & Creative Kit (+5y)

    DOT Robot Buddy & Creative Kit (+5y)


    A sidekick is an amazing thing and DOT is one heck of a buddy for any little girl. This robot is the real deal: She's clever, quirky and ready to play right out of the box. Kids don't even realize they are learning about coding and...

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  • Little Chevron TeepeeLittle Chevron Teepee

    Little Chevron Teepee

    $99.99 $62.99

    Fort fab fun is just around the corner...er flap.  There's nothing like a teepee fort to give girls their own space to play, imagine and create. Whether it's a wilderness adventure or a quiet reading nook, this teepee gets the job done. Plus, it's a stylish...

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  • LittleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit -2nd GenLittleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit -2nd Gen

    LittleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit -2nd Gen


    Let's start here: WE LOVE THIS COMPANY. LittleBits is the most awarded STEM company and has made technology seriously fun and totally accessible for girls & boys. With 1 kit, your engineer-in-training can make so many smart creations: bubble blowing rocketship, arcade game, race car, contraptions...

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  • Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Construction SetMagna-Tiles 100 Piece Construction Set

    Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Construction Set


    She's creative. She's a budding builder of things. If your little girl wants to create things in the moment, give her a colorful building set that is only limited by her imagination. Magna-tiles are THE standard for magnetic building sets. These colorful, multi-shaped construction tiles hold...

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  • Roots & Betta Water GardenRoots & Betta Water Garden

    Roots & Betta Water Garden


    WOW. Not only is this garden gorgeous, it's a learning opportunity. Girls explore the science of aquaponics inside this DIY closed-loop ecosystem. The garden is a mini-system that requires 50% fewer cleanings than traditional fish tanks. It's smart: Fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants clean the water...

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  • SPRK Smart Robot (11+)SPRK Smart Robot (11+)

    SPRK Smart Robot (11+)


    This little ball is full of surprises and has so much going on under the hood! SPRK is one of the coolest learning robots we've seen in 2018. Not only is it fun to drive, it inspires your aspiring roboticist. It's no secret that Sphero makes truly amazing...

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