• Astronaut Space Module TentAstronaut Space Module Tent

    Astronaut Space Module Tent

    $63.99 $40.99

    Take your girl's imagination to the moon with this NASA inspired dome tent. Whether it's in the backyard, family room, or on the surface of Mars... this tent is adventure ready! It comes with plenty of room for friends, space aliens, toys and kid furniture.    WHAT...

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  • Happy Hut Teepee w/ ProjectorHappy Hut Teepee w/ Projector

    Happy Hut Teepee w/ Projector

    $49.99 $36.99

    Ready for the outdoors? Tents are like magic, they give girls a fort to play in, read in or adventure from. Indoors or out, this fab, colorful teepee is built to last, has a skylight, window and entrance flaps (It's also a snap to set up). It...

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  • Kids Telescope - 20x-40x magnification (+3Y)Kids Telescope - 20x-40x magnification (+3Y)

    Kids Telescope - 20x-40x magnification (+3Y)


    Give her the moon and the stars! This telescope is a great entry point for young girls to astronomy and the science and wonders in star gazing. Easy to setup and use, it comes with a tripod and is lightweight plastic for easy travel in...

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  • Little Chevron TeepeeLittle Chevron Teepee

    Little Chevron Teepee

    $99.99 $62.99

    Fort fab fun is just around the corner...er flap.  There's nothing like a teepee fort to give girls their own space to play, imagine and create. Whether it's a wilderness adventure or a quiet reading nook, this teepee gets the job done. Plus, it's a stylish...

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  • Magical Rocket Ship TentMagical Rocket Ship Tent

    Magical Rocket Ship Tent

    $39.99 $29.99

    This tent takes us back to blanket fort rockets, but it's so much better. She'll love adventuring in this magical, popup rocket ship. You'll love that it is easy to set up and totally girl-positive without pink overload, hearts and rainbows. Speaking from experience, girls...

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  • Monster Fin Rain BootsMonster Fin Rain Boots

    Monster Fin Rain Boots

    $29.99 $18.99

      Grrrrrrr! She is fierce and ready for rain in these fan-freakin-tastic rain boots. Monster fins on electric yellow boots are a win; so is the waterproof natural rubber (instead of plastic), soft insoles and anti-slip tread. Look out puddles - this little girl is...

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  • Nature Keeper Plant Press & Tree Diary - Nancy B'sNature Keeper Plant Press & Tree Diary - Nancy B's

    Nature Keeper Plant Press & Tree Diary - Nancy B's

    $16.99 $14.64

    Remember hunting beautiful leaves and flowers? Your budding botanist will see the world with new eyes: observing, learning and treasuring nature's beauty. Press & save leaves and flower petals, do amazing outdoor art and science activities with the 22-Page activity journal. Let's go outside and explore...

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  • Owlet Kid Parachute HammockOwlet Kid Parachute Hammock

    Owlet Kid Parachute Hammock

    $32.99 $19.99

    Let's go outside and explore! And then, she can rock in gentle wonder as she gazes at the trees or up into the starry, night sky. The Owlet hammocks is designed specifically for kids. It's also high-quality parachute nylon which means it's extra soft on skin...

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  • Rocket Me to Sleep - Youth Sleeping BagRocket Me to Sleep - Youth Sleeping Bag

    Rocket Me to Sleep - Youth Sleeping Bag


      Perfect for those warmer evening nights of star gazing or in-house "space" naps and slumber parties, this is a fun, fully functional sleeping bag to help boost the dreams of your little girl and budding space fanatic. Measures 66" x 23". Ideal for Children ages...

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  • Roots & Betta Water GardenRoots & Betta Water Garden

    Roots & Betta Water Garden


    WOW. Not only is this garden gorgeous, it's a learning opportunity. Girls explore the science of aquaponics inside this DIY closed-loop ecosystem. The garden is a mini-system that requires 50% fewer cleanings than traditional fish tanks. It's smart: Fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants clean the water...

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  • Scuba Adventure Tunic (3T-12Y)

    $28.00 $9.95

    It's a beautiful day, let's go on a scuba adventure! This dress is all about unleashing the explorer in your little girl. She'll love the fun ocean story it tells: Explore the light house, play with sea turtles, dive with sharks, and spend the day...

  • Stomp Rocket Jr - Glowing Foam Rockets RockStomp Rocket Jr - Glowing Foam Rockets Rock

    Stomp Rocket Jr - Glowing Foam Rockets Rock


    We ALL love a good rocket launch. Your budding astronaut will get a "kick" out of this 100% girl-powered, glow-in-the-dark, foam rocket set. She can run, jump and stomp to launch these rockets up to 100 feet in the air! And, they glow in the dark!We've...

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