• Boost Creative Toolbox (7-12y)Boost Creative Toolbox (7-12y)

    Boost Creative Toolbox (7-12y)

    $159.99 $159.95

    The BOOST Creativity Toolkit is basically LEGO on kid-friendly steroids and will have young makers and engineers enthralled. Girls get hands-on building robots that can talk, react, build, shoot, drive…and fart (Seriously. Flatulence never gets old.)… just to name a few things BOOST does.  This...

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  • Build Your Own Robot - Tinker Tot Wood Set (3T-10Y)Build Your Own Robot - Tinker Tot Wood Set (3T-10Y)

    Build Your Own Robot - Tinker Tot Wood Set (3T-10Y)


      These toy robots are adorable mix & match pieces to create an ever-changing set of wooden bot friends. They're charming, retro AND eco-friendly. You're little girl can create amazing robots and you're supporting a great Colorado-based business!  28 pieces that are all universal and can be interchanged...

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  • Cozmo the RobotCozmo the Robot

    Cozmo the Robot


    This little robot is feisty and so.very.adorable! Even better? Your little engineer in training can learn code with it. Cozmo is a LOT like having your very own WALL-E robot - it has an endearing & quirky personality that they say actually evolves the longer you interact with...

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  • CUE Coding Robot (10+)CUE Coding Robot (10+)

    CUE Coding Robot (10+)


    Lawdy, we LOVE this little robot! We're huge fans of Wonder Workshop's bots for younger girls and boys (DASH & DOT). CUE keeps the things that made them a screaming success: the cute behaviors and sounds (seriously adorable stuff), the nimble & sturdy body, the block-based...

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  • Dash the Wonder Robot (+6y)Dash the Wonder Robot (+6y)

    Dash the Wonder Robot (+6y)


    This is one of our all-time favorite "smart" toys. Not only is this robot real, it's so adorable YOU will want to play with it too, AND it teaches kids about coding in clever games though their app. Dash has real personality. He moves, dances,...

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  • DOT Robot Buddy & Creative Kit (+5y)DOT Robot Buddy & Creative Kit (+5y)

    DOT Robot Buddy & Creative Kit (+5y)


    A sidekick is an amazing thing and DOT is one heck of a buddy for any little girl. This robot is the real deal: She's clever, quirky and ready to play right out of the box. Kids don't even realize they are learning about coding and...

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  • Magbot Wooden Magnetic BlocksMagbot Wooden Magnetic Blocks

    Magbot Wooden Magnetic Blocks

    $30.00 $24.00

    We love this little Magbot building set and so will your favorite engineer-in-training. This robot is a wooden magnetic set. It's also compatible with all other Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks - so she can keep building new creations or keep it in bot form as a nifty piece of...

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  • Robo Rascal Magnetic Wooden Block SetRobo Rascal Magnetic Wooden Block Set

    Robo Rascal Magnetic Wooden Block Set

    $20.00 $16.00

      If your little girl loves animals, robots and building things -- these magnetic sets are not only creative, they're also curiously attractive and totally unique.  This robot rascal set transforms into many cool things (horse / spaceship / dinosaur) and is fully compatible with all other...

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  • SPRK Smart Robot (11+)SPRK Smart Robot (11+)

    SPRK Smart Robot (11+)


    This little ball is full of surprises and has so much going on under the hood! SPRK is one of the coolest learning robots we've seen in 2018. Not only is it fun to drive, it inspires your aspiring roboticist. It's no secret that Sphero makes truly amazing...

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