• Shaking Things Up: 14 Young Women...Shaking Things Up: 14 Young Women...

    Shaking Things Up: 14 Young Women...

    $18.99 $14.39

    What's not to love about a book that inspires greatness in our girls? Meet 14 lesser-known, revolutionary young women and their stories. Each story is paired with the artwork of a noteworthy female artist and each inspiring story is told in a fresh, accessible, poetic...

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  • Wonder Woman Rain Boots (3T-8Y)Wonder Woman Rain Boots (3T-8Y)

    Wonder Woman Rain Boots (3T-8Y)


    For your little Wonder Woman in training, she'll be ready to take on the world...or at least those rainy days, puddles and afternoon adventures. These adorable boots are 100% waterproof to keep those toes warm & dry.  COMFORT: These boots are lightweight and flexible. Made of...

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  • Little Kunoichi the Ninja GirlLittle Kunoichi the Ninja Girl

    Little Kunoichi the Ninja Girl

    $16.99 $11.89

    Ninja girls unite! Kunoichi is a ninja in training and she's working hard. The life of a little ninja isn't all fun and games (even if there are a lot of kicks)! A great book for fierce little girls.   ABOUT THE BOOKLittle Kunoichi, a young...

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  • Girl Superpower PouchGirl Superpower Pouch

    Girl Superpower Pouch


    Technically, this is a pencil holder, but we say use it to hold whatever your heart desires. We love the power message and for the price, you really can't beat it. Even better? It's 95% post-consumer recycled materials AND 1% of each sale goes to support...

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  • Rad Women Worldwide...Rad Women Worldwide...

    Rad Women Worldwide...

    $15.99 $11.19

    We're huge fans of this book and the first (Rad American Women A-Z). It's educational and inspirational. Young girls will be moved, inspired and empowered by these stories. It's no surprise that this bold, illustrated book featuring 40 extraordinary women from across the globe is a New...

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  • Rad American Women A-Z...Rad American Women A-Z...

    Rad American Women A-Z...

    $14.95 $10.28

    We can not say enough good things about this rad book. It's bold. It's inspiring. It's full of so much good! Wonderful illustrations and the stories of 26 American women from all kinds of ethnic and economic backgrounds who trail-blazed in areas as artists, athletes, writers, rockstars, teachers,...

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  • Princeless: Save YourselfPrinceless: Save Yourself

    Princeless: Save Yourself

    $11.99 $7.96

    Princeless flips the "fairytale" narrative on it's head and we love it. Diverse characters (boys and girls) break down stereotypes and have a great adventure in the process. This princess isn't waiting to be saved. She's going to save herself.   ABOUT THE STORYAdrienne Ashe...

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  • Good Night Stories for Rebel GirlsGood Night Stories for Rebel Girls

    Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls


    These are the kind of bedtime stories we should be reading to girls (and boys). We love this book and the spark that lead to it being created. (It was the most crowdfunded, original book in history. GO GIRLS!!) Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is...

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  • Super Girl Power & Cape (2-5T)Super Girl Power & Cape (2-5T)

    Super Girl Power & Cape (2-5T)


    Your little hero can sparkle in style with this awesome Super Girl caped tee. She can rock the cape or take it off (velcro). Warning: This top tends to encourage running and laughing. Brand: Warner Bros. Color: Coral Features: Jersey knit, 60% cotton, 40% polyester Velcro detachable...

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  • My First Book of Girl Power - DC HerosMy First Book of Girl Power - DC Heros

    My First Book of Girl Power - DC Heros

    $10.99 $9.89

    What makes super-heroes super? This board book is great for little ones. It focuses on the abilities of 8 DC heroines and how they use their abilities & powers to do good in the world. It's colorful, short and features: Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Black Canary, Bumblebee, Raven, Katana,...

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  • Confident, Brave & Beautiful: Coloring Book for GirlsConfident, Brave & Beautiful: Coloring Book for Girls

    Confident, Brave & Beautiful: Coloring Book for Girls

    $9.50 $8.01

    This coloring book is all about building a girl's confidence, imagination, and spirit! The 22+ coloring pages encourage girls to think beyond social conventions and inspire conversations with adults about what it really means to be confident, brave, and beautiful. This coloring book is designed to...

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  • Not One Damsel in Distress...

    Not One Damsel in Distress...

    $21.00 $15.90

    We love these stories! Each of the 13 folktales have one thing in common: brainy, brawny, brave heroines--and not one damsel in distress! From Bradamante, the fierce female medieval knight, to Li Chi, the Chinese girl who slays a dreaded serpent and saves her town,...

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  • Strong Is the New Pretty...Strong Is the New Pretty...

    Strong Is the New Pretty...

    $17.95 $13.61

    Simply put, you should buy this book. In every metric we can think of, it blows us away. Girl-positive, inspirational, strong, bold, kind, gritty, fabulous, and heartfelt...this should be in every girls room. It shows all kinds of girls being themselves and owning their strength,...

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  • 50 Fearless Pioneers: Women in Science50 Fearless Pioneers: Women in Science

    50 Fearless Pioneers: Women in Science

    $16.99 $10.32

    It's official. Women (and girls) rock!  A charmingly illustrated and educational book, this New York Times best seller highlights the contributions of 50 women to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) from the ancient to the modern world. Full of striking, singular art, this fascinating collection...

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  • I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg...I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg...

    I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg...

    $18.99 $12.24

    The notorious RBG! Get to know Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg—in the first picture book about her life.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg has spent a lifetime disagreeing: Pushing back on inequality, arguing against unfair treatment, and standing up for what’s right for people everywhere. She's been...

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  • Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes...Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes...

    Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes...

    $16.99 $11.55

    These ladies beat the odds and have rocked the sports world. This book is beautifully illustrated and inspiring. It highlights the achievements and stories of 50 women athletes from the 1800s to today, including trailblazers, Olympians, and record-breakers in more than forty sports. The athletes featured include well-known...

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  • Hear Me Roar Top (+7y)

    $26.00 $19.75

    Let's be honest, girls love big cats and are often ready to roar. This tee is FIERCE, just like your courageous little girl! She'll be ready to go in this 100% ringspun, combed cotton shirt. It has a soft, ribbed neckline and stylish curve to the hemline. Sleeves are...

  • Force Of Nature Fitted Tee

    $26.50 $19.75

    For the girl in your life who is wild, wondrous, inquisitive and a true force of nature. Celebrate her strength and ideas. Look out world, here she comes! Soft with 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey and pre-shrunk. This soft, aspirational t-shirt has cupped sleeves, a slim...

  • Girl Power Mountain Tee

    $27.00 $19.75

    Say it with us, "Girl Power!" This shirt is for girls who are ready to climb up mountains and sing from the top. It's a celebration and statement on how awesome THEY are. We love this tee so much, we made it in ladies sizes, too.   :D WILL IT...

  • Caped Crusaders

    Caped Crusaders


    Not one superhero...FOUR! Whether you're outfitting one little girl or a small horde, you'll have the gear for gal heroes and hours of creative play. Inspiring comic book legends Spider Woman, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl are just a cape away.     WHY GIRLS LOVE...

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  • Girls Can Tee


    No limits. Girls are powerful, smart, driven, creative and brilliant. Let's remind the world and your favorite little girl that all things are possible -- There are no limits on her.  This shirt has a slim fit and longer cut. It can be worn on its...

  • Slay Dragons Tee


    Who needs a prince? If your girl is courageous, smart and strong (and we're betting she is), then we're pretty sure they can handle just about anything -- including magical dragons!  Soft with 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey and pre-shrunk. This soft, aspirational t-shirt has cupped sleeves,...

  • Unstoppable Girl Rocket Tee


    It's time for liftoff! If your girl is unstoppable, this space-loving tank top shares a fun, aspirational message. She'll be ready to soar in this soft fitted t-shirt. It's 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey and pre-shrunk. This aspirational t-shirt has cupped sleeves, a slim fit, and...

  • LEGO Batgirl Batjet SetLEGO Batgirl Batjet Set

    LEGO Batgirl Batjet Set

    $24.99 $24.95

    Every girl we know loves building things. They also love stories - no surprise, this LEGO set is a total win. It blends building, superheroes and girl power. Help Batgirl defeat the evil Kryptomite and save the day!  :D      WHAT GIRLS LOVE ABOUT...

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  • Wonder Woman Toddler Tee + CapeWonder Woman Toddler Tee + Cape

    Wonder Woman Toddler Tee + Cape


    Your little girl is totally super. Get her the gear to show that off! This Wonder Woman caped tee is perfect for fighting evil-doers, and fighting for truth & justice. It's also 100% adorable.    WHAT GIRLS LOVE ABOUT THIS GIFT Oh wow. So much super. So much power!...

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  • It's Rosie The RiveterIt's Rosie The Riveter

    It's Rosie The Riveter

    $14.99 $10.99

    She can do it! Rosie the Riveter is a story & role model that girls can get behind. Can do, will do, have done it girls unite under her WWII message. The Rosie action figure is a proud and powerful 5-1/4" tall with movable arms, legs and head....

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  • Fierce Little Lioness Purple Tee

    $26.50 $18.50

    Few things are more courageous than your little lioness. This tee is FIERCE - just like her. Send her into the world with a message that rings true: Strong is beautiful & a courageous heart is priceless. Soft with 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey and...

  • Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the WorldBrazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World

    Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World

    $17.99 $12.23

    May we all have the courage to be brazen! To challenge the status quo and do amazing things. Throughout history and across the globe, one characteristic connects the daring women of this book: Their indomitable spirit. With wit and fabulous drawings, celebrated graphic novelist Pénélope Bagieu...

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  • Little Astronaut Pocket Tunic 2 (18M-6Y)

    $31.08 $17.76

    If your little girl is an avid explorer and has dreams of joining NASA, floating through space, running a space station, and exploring new worlds...then this dress is a must! We're always on the lookout for space inspired clothing for girls and this is one of our...