• BOOM! Science Set with 60+ ExperimentsBOOM! Science Set with 60+ Experiments

    BOOM! Science Set with 60+ Experiments


    Keep her inquisitive mind in explorer mode with this fun, jumbo science kit. It comes with over 60 experiments that cover an array of science topics. It's a fully stocked with all the things a little scientist needs: Test tubes, powders, beakers, tweezers, balloons, propellers, model volcano,...

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  • GoldieBlox Ruby Rails Parachuting Set (Ages 4+)GoldieBlox Ruby Rails Parachuting Set (Ages 4+)

    GoldieBlox Ruby Rails Parachuting Set (Ages 4+)


    Let's build things! We are massive fans of GoldieBlox and their building sets for girls. Meet Ruby Rails (named after the coding language), Goldie’s tech-savvy and stylish friend who's ready to take a big leap but needs a parachute.   What we love: GoldieBlox pairs stories with diverse, girl...

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  • GoldieBlox Girl Inventor's Zipline SetGoldieBlox Girl Inventor's Zipline Set

    GoldieBlox Girl Inventor's Zipline Set

    $24.99 $24.89

      Let's build things! We are huge fans of GoldieBlox and their building sets. They pair stories with girl action figures and projects. Girls get lost in building cool things (zip-lines, spinning machines, whirling buildings, and more) and see themselves, and these diverse girl characters...

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  • Little Chevron TeepeeLittle Chevron Teepee

    Little Chevron Teepee

    $99.99 $62.99

    Fort fab fun is just around the corner...er flap.  There's nothing like a teepee fort to give girls their own space to play, imagine and create. Whether it's a wilderness adventure or a quiet reading nook, this teepee gets the job done. Plus, it's a stylish...

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  • Happy Hut Teepee w/ ProjectorHappy Hut Teepee w/ Projector

    Happy Hut Teepee w/ Projector

    $49.99 $36.99

    Ready for the outdoors? Tents are like magic, they give girls a fort to play in, read in or adventure from. Indoors or out, this fab, colorful teepee is built to last, has a skylight, window and entrance flaps (It's also a snap to set up). It...

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  • Astronaut Space Module TentAstronaut Space Module Tent

    Astronaut Space Module Tent

    $63.99 $40.99

    Take your girl's imagination to the moon with this NASA inspired dome tent. Whether it's in the backyard, family room, or on the surface of Mars... this tent is adventure ready! It comes with plenty of room for friends, space aliens, toys and kid furniture.    WHAT...

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  • Kinetic Sand from Nat GeoKinetic Sand from Nat Geo

    Kinetic Sand from Nat Geo


    You don't need the beach to build sand castles; your girl will have a blast molding, slicing, and shaping this amazing (dare we say it...magical) play sand! It doesn't dry out -- this sand acts wet while leaving your hands completely dry.  The kinetic sand comes with fun molds to...

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  • LEGO Batgirl Batjet SetLEGO Batgirl Batjet Set

    LEGO Batgirl Batjet Set

    $24.99 $24.95

    Every girl we know loves building things. They also love stories - no surprise, this LEGO set is a total win. It blends building, superheroes and girl power. Help Batgirl defeat the evil Kryptomite and save the day!  :D      WHAT GIRLS LOVE ABOUT...

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  • A-ha! Brainteaser KitA-ha! Brainteaser Kit

    A-ha! Brainteaser Kit


    Power up that brilliant mind! This kit has 8 unique brainteasers that are designed for fun AND building problem solving & critical thinking skills. It comes with hints to help scaffold learning as-needed and build confidence.   WHAT GIRLS LOVE ABOUT THIS GIFT Smart and fun...

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  • Kid Binoculars - 8X MagnificationKid Binoculars - 8X Magnification

    Kid Binoculars - 8X Magnification


    Eagle eyes are like having a super power. These binoculars are legit AND made specifically for little people. Girls can see 8x closer AND adventure through nature and the world. Spark her curiosity, help her to see the world in a new way, and get...

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  • It's Rosie The RiveterIt's Rosie The Riveter

    It's Rosie The Riveter

    $14.99 $10.99

    She can do it! Rosie the Riveter is a story & role model that girls can get behind. Can do, will do, have done it girls unite under her WWII message. The Rosie action figure is a proud and powerful 5-1/4" tall with movable arms, legs and head....

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  • Never Forget a Face GameNever Forget a Face Game

    Never Forget a Face Game


    More than memory building, this fun game shares the smiling faces of 24 children from countries all over the world. It introduces girls to kids from all kinds of backgrounds and shares the beauty of ALL kinds of looks and lifestyles. We're definitely fans!  WHAT GIRLS...

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